a dream come true

Dear Designer: Teresa Mulet

We are pleased to inform you that the above product has been selected to be included in “A Dream Come True - SaloneSatellite Projects: From Inception to Production”. The show is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of SaloneSatellite and will be held at the Milan International Furniture Fair, from April 18th to April 23rd, 2007.
“A Dream Come True - SaloneSatellite Projects: From Inception to Production” will be an exhibit covering all prototypes displayed in shows past that have gone into production. Not only will it include products that are now in several companies’ catalogues, but also products that are no longer on the market, whether they were produced by small or large companies - an enormous collection of all prototypes that at our SaloneSatellite found its way into production and to the market.
The show will carry a special catalogue commemorating this important event that will include comments (complimentary, of course) about your work in the past by some of the most important personalities and critics in the world of design. Arch. Beppe Finessi will curate the show and the book. The exhibit, in the new Milan fairgrounds, will occupy approximately 1,000 square meters designed by Ricardo Bello Dias. Graphics for the show and book will be by Paola Vanni.
We are sure that the show and book will remain for many years as significant to you as it will for us. We’re proud to salute you – the leaders of the new millennium.

Marva Griffin
Fondazione Cosmit Eventi